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About the firm

25k+ satisfied clients

Become the leading Vietnamese corporation

in the tourism and hospitality industry in the Southeast Asian market.

Customer Commitment

Always prioritize the benefits and satisfaction of customers.


Always be honest and adhere to ethical principles, even when no one is watching.


Have a strong desire to achieve great things in life.


Always approach problems with innovative thinking and valuable new actions.


Combine resources and skills of different individuals to achieve common goals.

We earn trust by working efficiently

Guest served
0 k+
We have served more than thirty thousand tourists
Occupancy rate
0 %
The hotels we manage have an average occupancy rate of 90%
Return on Invested Capital
0 %
The hotels we invest in all achieve average profit margins
Earnings Before Interest and Taxe
0 %
Ebit Profit before tax and interest of a hotel managed and invested by us

Our services

Being providing services to you is a lucky thing for us

We blend international knowledge, insights, and our own experience to deliver the highest efficiency in our work

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