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Hotel revenue management services on OTA platform

Service Overview

Hotel revenue management services on OTA platform

1. Planning and Forecasting

Check PMS System

- Review content and amenities
- Check property policies and promotion programs

Check OTA System

- Review content and images for each channel
- Check content synchronization across channels
- Review pricing structure and promotions for each channel


Strengths; Weaknesses; Opportunities; Threats (SWOT)

Historical Data Analysis

sales history, customer groups, etc.

Develop 12-month revenue plan

Monthly forecasting

2. Real-Time Pricing and Profit Management

Pricing based on future room

occupancy at the current time; pricing according to daily booking fluctuations (based on market demand for the hotel) and overall market demand

Pricing based on seasonality and events

at the hotel’s location

Price parity

ensuring balanced pricing across channels (to maintain ranking and visibility on distribution channels)

Consistent promotions

ensuring consistent promotion programs across channels. Avoid significant price discrepancies when using different types of promotions across channels

Maintain competitive pricing

in the market

Detailed market information reporting

Weekly updates

Develop pricing policies suitable

for different segments – customer groups to optimize revenue

Control hotel room inventory through

- Minimum Length of Stay (LOS)
- Control room value on peak days (e.g., requiring bookings to cover the entire peak period like Tet)
- Allow overbooking in certain cases

Analyze customer group fluctuations

and changes to propose appropriate business plans


(room upgrades, F&B, transportation, services and spa, service packages, tour sales (20-30% of room revenue), airport transfers, etc.)

Manage revenue and pricing

with AI technology tools

3. Distribution Management

Content management

photos, descriptions, amenities, policies

Address pricing issues

pricing packages, promotions, and price discrepancies across channels

Adjust conversion rates across all channels

hotel direct; OTA and B2B (as revenue weights differ at various times of the year)

4. Financial Reconciliation

Commission reconciliation

Reconcile canceled bookings, no-shows, early check-ins, late check-outs, and report to OTAs within the specified timeframe to save on commission costs

Commission reconciliation with channels

ensure accurate commission calculations; handle cases of non-chargeable or invalid credit cards

Accounts receivable reconciliation

- Check and report due receivables from direct customers and agents
- Check and report receivables from cancellations and no-shows (from direct customers and agents)
- Contact and work with OTA channels to reissue virtual cards if the initial charge was unsuccessful

Tax and fee reconciliation:

- Monitor tax deductions from payments as required by local regulations to ensure compliance and avoid tax losses
- Reconcile payment fees and propose optimization methods to save costs

5. Comprehensive Analytical Reporting

Year-over-year comparisons

Data collection (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

Channel analysis

Detailed competitor information

STR report and fair share from Expedia

Market insights

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