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Set up and Manage OTA

Service Overview

Set up and Manage OTA

The product package for OTA channel setup and management is actually two different service packages. Because for new hotels – without OTA accounts on OTA platforms, they will need an OTA account setup service – when setup is complete, there are cases where guests take it back to do it themselves (a minority), but there are many cases. Always select setup and management



Channel Distribution

- Ensure smooth and stable room distribution across OTA channels.
- Optimize room distribution among OTA channels to achieve the highest number of rooms sold at the lowest OTA commission costs.

Content Management

- Ensure consistency of content (text, images, video) across OTA channels. This creates a trustworthy experience for customers when searching and minimizes issues for the Front Desk during check-in.
- Continuously update content purposefully with engaging material to provide a fresh experience for searchers. This increases the conversion rate from hotel page visitors to bookings.

Pricing and Promotion Management

Keep hotel prices and promotions competitive and attractive to customers while generating revenue and profit.

Availability Management

- Ensure the hotel rooms are maximally occupied.
- Closely monitor the status of vacant or unsellable rooms to promptly intervene and fill these vacancies.

Directly work with OTA representatives

Directly work with OTA representatives to resolve issues arising with the hotel on OTAs

Customer Care (24/7) and Upselling

- Consistently and promptly respond to customer inquiries and requests before their arrival at the hotel.
- Increase upselling opportunities for hotel and partner services before customer arrival.
- Minimize booking cancellations due to lack of timely advice or responses.

Policy Development and Optimization

Develop booking policies to optimize revenue (price packages, promotions, discounts, etc.).


Provide monthly summary reports on activities and results, along with market trends and future business plan recommendations for OTA channels.

Increase Booking Volume

By optimizing the hotel’s OTA account and listings, we will ensure that your listing is displayed and appealing to potential customers.

Increase Room Occupancy Rate

- With market knowledge and close management of the OTA system, we ensure your pricing is competitive in customer choices.
- With this diligence, we also ensure minimizing the no-show rate through pre-arrival customer care services and recommending appropriate cancellation policies to reduce the no-show rate.

Free Up Your Time

By outsourcing OTA management, you can free up time to focus on other important aspects of your hotel business operations.

Cost Savings

- Save on staffing and management costs for the OTA Sales department.
- Avoid unnecessary reimbursement costs due to lax OTA sales staff.

Increase Revenue

- Maximize room sales revenue with regularly updated room availability.
- Increase service revenue from pre-arrival sales activities.
- Boost tour service revenue by partnering with us to offer tours to your hotel guests.

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