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Outsourced business office services

Service Overview

Outsourced business office services

1. Marketing Activities

Building Marketing Strategy

  • Analyzing the hotel's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT)
  • Proposing a marketing strategy tailored to the hotel
  • Content Marketing

  • Creating engaging and relevant content aligned with the marketing strategy
  • Distributing content on media channels suitable for the hotel's target audience
  • Increasing conversion rates and attracting potential customers through intentional content structure
  • Remarketing

  • Developing profiles of potential customer groups and past customers
  • Enhancing conversion rates for potential customers or repeat customers through communication of service values and hotel promotions
  • Extending Customer Lifecycle – Loyal Customers

  • Developing and managing policies for existing customers
  • Maintaining post-use customer care activities to build sustainable relationships with customers
  • 2. Business Activities

    Optimizing Direct Customers

  • Developing policies to optimize direct bookings from the hotel's channels (website, Facebook, direct contact, front desk, etc.)
  • Implementing sales advertising activities on digital platforms targeting the hotel's target customers
  • B2B Sales

    Contacting and building relationships with agency partners and businesses needing hotel reservations

    Developing Revenue from Non-room Service

  • Researching and developing products or packages to diversify product types and increase revenue (using hotel products or partnering with external providers)
  • Increasing value extraction per customer with products such as airport transfers, car rentals, and tour sales (accounting for 20-30% of room revenue)
  • Technology

    We leverage the most powerful and advanced technologies in our operations, allowing us to stay updated with market and competitor developments and make timely, relevant business decisions.

    3. Revenue Management Activities

    All activities in the Hotel Revenue Management Service Package on OTA Platforms

    4. Reputation Management Activities

    Building Customer Expectations

  • Conducting comprehensive research on the hotel to identify attributes valuable to target customers
  • Marketing attribute content to potential customers
  • Managing Customer Expectations

  • Maintaining connections with customers during their stay to promptly grasp their expectations
  • Problem-solving: responding to issues in real-time and accurately communicating issues to relevant departments for timely intervention
  • Nurturing and Planting Expectation

  • Connecting with customers satisfied with their experience to encourage positive online reviews
  • Professionally and personally responding to all online customer reviews
  • Compiling and analyzing customer review data to propose solutions for optimizing service quality to the hotel
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